Welcome to our Kitten Gallery!
These are some pictures of our past kitten's and kitten pictures of some 
of our adults we have now. These kittens have already been placed into
new homes and are no longer available.  The pictures are for your viewing
pleasure only.

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Davikatz April Love of Shadowoak
Shadowoak's Angelina
                           Panda's baby
             Shadowoak's Chubby Checkers
        Shadowoak's Flasher Dancer (left) Shadowoak's StompinAbout (right)
Shadowoak's Flash Dancer
Shadowoak's Flash Dancer (left)
Shadowoak's StompinAbout (right)
                     Flashy's litter in 2005
Shadowoak's Madee
Shadowoak's Nantucket
Shadowoak's StompinAbout
Shadowoak's Madee (tortie) & Littermate
Shadowoak's Littermates
Shadowoak's Whinny Winnie Pooh
                 Shadowboxer at 3 weeks old.
            Shadowboxer at 7 months of old.
We are proud to announce three of SHADOWOAK'S kittens made the 2010 Brown Trout Calendar. Dancing with the Stars, the large picture sitting on the stool.  April, the third picture in the first row and Giuseppe, the third picture in the second row.
 Shadowoak's Dancing with the Stars
 Shadowoak's Giuseppe
 Shadowoak's Flashy Lady

                     Shadowoak's Giovanni
             Shadowoak's Splish Splash
    Shadowboxer's kids, Jack Bower and                 Sassie Girl at the Stockton, CA Cat Show.
CH Shadowoak's Jack Bower as a baby.
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