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Ron & Terri Lyn at the 2009 Portland, Oregon Regional Show receiving Shadowboxer's Award for 12 Best Kitten
Tooters and Tenitu my little companion Yorkies.
I want to give a very special thank you to Hyla Carney.  She has helped me over the years with any problems that I have had with kittens.  When I ask her for help, she drops everything and is at my house immediately.  I have had a serious back problem which required back surgery and that was done on June, 2009.  Hyla raises short haired cats and offered to show my cats for me when I was down.  I taught her how to groom long haired Persians and she picked it up very quickly.  As a matter of fact, several judges complimented her on her grooming.  What would it be like with a world without friends like Hyla? If you ever are looking for a Singapore or Burmese, email Hyla at
Carie & Lucca, her Australian Shepard puppy.
   My three Yorkies in a fashion show.  Teeny, Tooters and Sparky.  Ages 14, 12 and 6 months.
Tenitu and Sparky at a June 2, 2012 Fashion Show
Celebrating Red, White and Blue, Stars and Stripes
Tenithre and Gabby all dressed up for 2014 Christmas.